PPX 燃油調節及潤滑液 (柴油) Ultra All-Season Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) Conditioner with Lubricity (Diesel Fuel System Products)

Model: 20150

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(Diesel Fuel System Products)

PPX Formula 7 Ultra All-Season Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel Conditioner with lubricity will help reduce emissions, but it will also lead to many more consequences in your vehicle. The most obvious problems are higher fuel costs, lower lubricity, lower BTU’s which means less energy and power, lower mileage, less stable fuel, and more deposits in the fuel systems.


PPX (ULSD) All Season Diesel Fuel Conditioner with Lubricity 20150, 20175 & 52051 are premium diesel fuel supplement package. Today’s diesel engines have to meet rigid standards for both fuel economy and emissions control. As a result, modern engines operate in highly sensitive environments.


Deposits anywhere in the intake system can cause driveability problems. Thus, the need for a superior deposit control product like 20150 is even greater.


These product helps clean engine deposits from fuel injectors, and ring belt area;

thereby restoring engine performance, increasing fuel economy, smoothing out rough idling, and protects against rust and corrosion.


If used on a regular basis (once every oil change), it will help control deposit build-up. Available in 10 ounce bottles, 32 ounce bottles, 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails, & 54 gallon drums.



1.      Ready for use in all fuels, including BioDiesel & ULSD diesel fuel.

2.      For vehicles with fuel related problems.

3.      Use year around.

4.      Above 0°F., keep tank as full as possible during layovers.

5.      Below 0°F., protect the heel and fill from underground tank just prior to trip.



1.      Cleans engine deposits from fuel injectors and ring belt area.

2.      Helps control deposits build-up. Will not create deposits on other important engine parts.

3.      Helps restores Injectors Performance to like new condition.

4.      Helps restores engine performance and power.

5.      Helps increases fuel economy.

6.      Helps improves driveability and reduces exhaust emissions.

7.      Protects against rust and corrosion.

8.      Helps smooth out rough idling.

9.      Improved low temperature operability.

10.  Contains no alcohols of any type.

11.  Improves ignition quality of fuel using a cetane improver.

12.  ULSD compliant—contains less than 15 ppm sulfur.



1.      Reduces maintenance costs.

2.      Faster starting.

3.      Reduce fuel consumption.

4.      Helps reduce exhaust emissions.

5.      Smoother engine operation.

6.      Ashless multifunctional diesel fuel product.




l   Part No.:

20150, 20175, 52050, & 52051

l   Flash Point, COC (°F)


l   Pour Point (°C)


l   lb/US gal


l   Color




Container Size Treats Liters of Diesel Fuel



32 oz

945 Liters

1 gallon

3,780 Liters





32 oz

1890 Liters

1 gallon

7,560 Liters




Add to diesel fuel tank when tank is nearly empty. Dispose of empty container properly. Refuel with proper amount of diesel fuel. Repeat treatment every 1,000 km (or at scheduled oil change intervals). One treatment should provide noticeable improvement in the operation of any diesel engine. Some deposits are more difficult to clean, particularly those on intake calves and combustion chambers. In these cases a second treatment may be beneficial. Once this product has been used, engine deposits can be kept to a minimum with regular use.