PPX 全能燃油室清潔液 (汽油) Super Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner (from Fuel Tank, Multi-Port Injectors to Combustion Chamber)

Model: 20005

存貨量 : 1000




(from Fuel Tank, Multi-Port Injectors to Combustion Chamber)

PPX Formula 7 Super Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner, from Fuel Tank, Multi Port Injectors to Combustion

Chamber is the latest technology and most concentrated and powerful gasoline supplement package offered by PPX Group.


This product helps clean carbon deposit build-up from gasoline engine intake systems and combustion

chambers to restore lost performance, power, and mileage; thereby reducing the following: engine Knock, Ping, Run-on, Octane Requirement, and Exhaust Emissions.


This product safely removes carbon deposits from PVC system, injectors and combustion chambers, it also

reduces engine sludge, and prevents rust and corrosion of the fuel system. If used on a regular basis (once every oil change), this product will help control deposit build-up.



1.      Gasoline Fuel Tanks - on any vehicle using gasoline.

2.      For vehicles with fuel related problems.



1.      Rapidly cleans engine deposits in fuel metering systems components (ports fuel injectors or carburetor idle air bleeds and throttle bodies), in the intake manifold, ports and valves.

2.      Controls deposits build-up. Will not create deposits on other important engine parts.

3.      Helps restores injectors performance to like new condition.

4.      Helps restores engine performance and power

5.      Safe for catalytic converters.

6.      Helps reduce engine knock, ping and run-on.

7.      Helps increases fuel economy.

8.      Helps improves driveability and reduces exhaust emissions.

9.      Protects against rust and corrosion.

10.  Helps Smooth out rough idling.



1.      Reduces maintenance cost.

2.      Faster starting.

3.      Reduces fuel consumption.

4.      Reduces exhaust emissions.

5.      Smoother engine operation.

6.      Lowers the engine octane requirements, by removal of deposits.




l   Part No.:

20005, 52030 & 52031

l   VISCOSITY 0°C, cSt

l   VISCOSITY 40°C., cSt



l   Specific Gravity at 60 (°F)


l   lb/U.S. gal. at 60°F.


l   Flash Point, COC (°F)


l   Pour Point (°C)


l   Rust Prevention, ASTM D-665A


l   Color, ASTM D-1500




Add (13 oz bottle) to gasoline when gas tank is nearly empty. Dispose of empty container properly. Refuel with up to 68 Liters of gasoline. Repeat treatment every 3,000 Km (or at scheduled oil change intervals).



One treatment should provide noticeable improvement in the operation of any gasoline engine. Some deposits are more difficult to clean, particularly those on intake valves and combustion chambers. In these cases a second treatment may be beneficial. Once this product has been used, engine deposits can be kept to a minimum with regular use.