PPX 辛烷值促進液 - 柏油路 Octane Booster On-Road

Model: 55364

存貨量 : 1000




PPX Formula 7 Octane Booster (On-Road) is designed to economically increase the octane number of unleaded gasoline.

PPX Formula 7 Octane Booster (On-Road) helps keep injectors clean, cleans dirty fuel injectors, helps prevent valve seat recession in high performance vehicles, protects against fuel tank corrosion, stabilizes gasoline against gun formation during storage, and boosts octane number.

PPX Formula 7 Octane Booster (On-Road) not only increases the octane rating of unleaded gasoline, it provides outstanding carburetor and fuel injector detergency; meeting the requirements for BMW unlimited mileage approval, and has the capability to not only keep intake valves clean, but to clean up existing deposits.

PPX Formula 7 Octane Booster (On-Road) also reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions which are caused by fuel system deposit build-up, but extensive field testing has demonstrated their ability to reduce NOx emissions.

Available in 10 ounce bottles, 5 gallon pails, & 54 gallon drums.



1.      All Engines Designed for Gasoline.

2.      Vehicles Driven On-Roads

3.      When Octane Number Needs to be Raised.

4.      When the detergency level for BMW Unlimited Mileage Approval Needs to be Meet.



1.      Helps Protect Against Valve Seat Recession.

2.      Controls Deposits Build-up. Will Not Create Deposits on Other Important Engine Parts.

3.      Helps Redue Engine Knok, Ping and Run-On.

4.      Helps Keep Injectors Clean, & Cleans Dirty Fuel Injectors.

5.      Protects Against Fuel Tank Corrosion.

6.      Stabilizes Gasoline Against Gun Formation.

7.      Boosts Octane Number.



1.      Reduces Maintenance Cost.

2.      Increases the Octane Numbers.



l   Part No.:

55360, 55362, & 55363

l   Specific Gravity at 60 (°F)


l   lb/U.S. gal. at 60°F.


l   Flash Point, COC (°F)


l   Pour Point (°C)


l   Color, ASTM D-1500





10 ounces Trears 18 gallons of gasoline.
Add to gasoline when gas tank is nearly empty.
Dispose of empty container properly.
Refuel with up to 18 gallons of gasoline.